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- evenings should be used for relaxation and socializing, not more work. Read books, spend time with hubs, draw, etc. Just do something without feeling like it needs to be productive.
- I'm OK. I'm fine. I have time.
- I will be OK. I will continue to have time.

- I need to make sure I take a break on weekends; this past weekend my brain stayed in work mode and now I'm feeling frazzled.
- it's okay to not get everything done that you wanted to do in the short amount of time you arbitrarily put on yourself.

Meditating to clear out my wonky brain...

- I don't need to achieve everything or make everything TODAY.
- it takes time to build things up I don't need to be going full speed right away.
- I am OKAY for the spring semester I have a job lined up.

Tallied up my time worked last week, and it was 36 hours (but clearly not all of that was gamedev lol. I'd probably be done with the game by now.)

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WIP of Lenxion in my sh*try faux anime style 🤣

I forgot that her arms are uncovered so I guess she wore her long sleeved shirt here. There's a fairy or a Sprite next to her

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Always gonna be putting “why tho” in forms where gender shouldn't matter

The stream from today's November project kickoff planning is now up on YouTube and PeerTube! Check it out, and I hope that you follow the game's progress this month as I work on it!

Monthly Open Source Game project & Patreon launch!
Collaborate with me to make open source games and creative commons game art each month!

I forgot if I have an "IFTTT" set up on my Moosader mastodon. We will see!

Worked on my terminal dungeon crawler / miner game some more today while at @FlyoverIndies ! I recorded a video, and you can watch part 1 right now on YouTube or PeerTube. Part 2 next Saturday!

On PeerTube:

On YouTube:

This week I've been feeling "meh" about my visual novel. I was feeling positive about it but now I'm just lethargiccccc.

Getting my new laptop ready (then gonna install Linux). I realize now it has no numpad, which isn't a necessity but I freaking love numpads. It's gonna be docked to my desk most of the time anyway.

Though this means I'll have to re-buy my stickers lol.

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I think I'm gonna go pick up a new laptop over my lunch break. I love my current computer, a MSi GP60 2PE Leopard, but it's gettin' old. ^^;

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