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Vacation isn't quite over yet, but leaving the village tomorrow and going back to Banglore for a couple of days, then to Chicago for a day, then home to Kansas City.

- spend time watching Hindi language cartoons and TV shows to get better at listening and comprehension.
- be able to have actual conversations with my husband and bro-in-law for practice; not just my toddler-level communications.

I need to make sure I spend at least a bit of time studying Hindi EVERY. DAY.

Goals for next time:
- more comfort with more common words (not having to search my brain all the time)
- ability to use past and future tense more comfortably

Things I want to continue having less of:
Time spent on social media.
The feeling of "having to" be productive all the time.
Junk food. (❤️ Cut carrots and radishes as snacks)
Too much time spent indoors. (I want to be outside more like it's easy to be here)

Let's see... What do I miss from home now that I've gone almost two weeks without?

My kitties.
My Wacom bamboo tablet.
Real coffee and not instant coffee (don't have real coffee in village).
Anything to program with.
Good video games.
My friendsssss.

Gotta be fucking kidding me. I used in-game currency to buy 10 golden tickets over 3 days (because you can only buy 4 per day, at 60 in-game credits per) and that lootbox fucking had the gall to give me 80 in-game credits. What a load of bullshit.

Drawings? No ideas.

Comics? No ideas.

Short stories? No ideas.

Videos for my gamedev or conlang channels? No ideas.

If I'm not making something, then what do I do?? I dunno!

I have two more books to read, but not much to play on my phone.

I spent some time studying Hindi, writing gamedev idea notes, and I can draw in my sketchbook but nothing sounds appealing.

Bleh I'm having that "I should do something productive" feeling. We are still on vacation for another 5 days but my brain won't let me rest.

I just freaking love that Tux Kart is on Android. It's so good compared to so many mobile games out there.

If I ever make a game where you have to watch a whole freaking ad video to continue your progress after you lose a life, you will then know I have been kidnapped and replaced by a capitalist doppelganger. Rescue me.

Today is F2P game rant day because I didn't bring my laptop or switch to India lol.

Also still pissed the fuck off that CoD doesn't give me a woman I can play as right out of the gate. Fucking immoral.

I HATE artificial caps. I can only "buy" golden tickets 4 times per day with in-game currency. I need 10 golden tickets to get one crate. So I have to log in for 3 days, AND have enough in-game currency to purchase these.

This is such a freaking Skinner box.

I hate the design of having multiple events and having to go to different tabs to "claim" the rewards I've "earned". Such a waste of time.

When it comes to character customization, if I'm going to spend real money, let me but the damn item directly. Don't hide that shit behind loot boxes.

It's so fucking dirty, man.

The ONLY F2P real money I've been OK with spending, without any cognitive dissonance, is paying to unlock all the characters in Paladins. I'm fine with that.

I'm NOT fine paying money for loot boxes, upgrade cards, whatever.

It just so thoroughly pisses me off that, if there's a certain item I want, there is NO CHOICE but to spend real money.

Another thing I LOATHE with F2P games is the idea of two different currencies: the $ you get from playing and the $ you actually have to buy, and certain items you can only buy with real money currency.

I'd be fine if it were really expensive but could be bought through gameplay

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