Obsidian revolutionized my way of taking notes & how I structure information. Strongly recommend it to anyone that needs to keep things clear, dynamic & creative.
Got lucky enough to get to redesign how we share information internally. Created a streamlined system, as long as you get access to the top of the "stream", you will be able to flow your way further down with ease. In its core is Obsidian. Minimizing the usual "info-maze" devs struggle with.

It's a lovely thing to see something you created grow and being used for everyone's benefit.

@MrBeam cool. Looks like a more modern take on zim which I've been using for years

@cratesmith I just looked zim up and you're right!
One of the great perks with Obsidian is that the community is very large and has a ton of useful lightweight plugins and it is easy to create your own.

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