Well, I also wanted to have portals in my game(as in Portal 1 & 2). Basically, like projectiles, all portals that could be created are generated at start (just hidden & disabled). Then when a player pickup a portalgun, (s)he actually request a pair of portal (s)he will be able to use. (S)he can shoot them anyway (s)he wants and once (s)he drops his/her portalgun, the pair of portals will be released to be reassigned to a new portalgun.

I bought a new phone. It is so big, I am wondering if it will fit in my pocket...
Why making phones so big?

I am currently working on weapons. I've made a really simple optimized system for projectiles and explosions.

Basically, instead of instancing a projectile each time a weapon fire, all projectiles are generated at the very beginning. They are simply hidden and deactivated until a weapon request one of them.

That way you use more RAM but a lot less CPU. And it works great with the networking system in Godot since the nodes always exist and are never destroyed.

During weekdays, I usually have to make a choice between video games and gamedev. Still by doing small bits here and there, progress is being done. Yesterday, I've made an interface to select a map, choose a game mode and launch a server. I will likely rework the interface and define a set of available game modes for each map.

Today, I worked on a spawning system for my game. I want to have multiple game modes. Most game modes will use a basic round robin approach to select spawn positions. But two game modes will allow the player to select his/her spawn position. I wanted a single class that could handle both cases and use the correct one based on the game mode received from the server. It is still WIP right now though...

Today, I've worked a bit on the networking aspect of my game. I want to have generic entities that I can assign to players at any moment of the game. That way it will be quite easy to implement entering/leaving vehicles later on. Characters and vehicles should be colored based on their team too. When this is done, I'll tackle the possibility of picking up weapons and dropping them.

I already made tools to help me create maps and post process effects. I also have WIPs of the networking system and of the characters, vehicules and weapons. I still need to create models for them.

Yesterday I worked on the main menu and on the loading/saving of the user profile. You'll be able to choose your player model and your colors. As well as the placement of your HUD layout. (though it will be a single bar as in wolfenstein, doom and NES games)

I am working on a multiplayer FPS game with multiple features and game modes. The maps will be composed of planetoids like in Super Mario Galaxy. You'll have access to vehicules. And weapons will be both medieval and sci-fi.
In game modes, we will have Deathmatches, CTF, Conquest (think battlefield/battlefront), Infection (think halo) and RTS (think Tremulous/Natural Selection).

I think I'll start to make a devlog of a project I am working on. That will allow me to keep a trace of what I have done.

I thought that once I was done with university and school stuff, my anxiety would decrease. But know I realize that it is growing exponentially... 😞

I am working on a tool for my game that will automatically apply the correct UV to a mesh mimicking 3D tiles...

This will allow me to have an old-school visual aspect while saving time designing my levels.

Godot 3.1 is RELEASED!

More than a year of work on new features and a ton of usability improvements, as well as several thousand bugs fixed. Enjoy!

A big Thank You to all contributors for making a project such as possible!


Gamedev help needed; boosts appreciated 

Holy shit this is amazing

Someone took some bitcoin explaining videos and shoved them in a neural network, and made a bitcoin explaining video


SCRIPT-8, by Gabriel Florit, is a fantasy console. Make pixel-art games with a browser editor. Featuring 128x128px resolution!

Ok today I worked on the entities of my game. You be able to play in FPV with humans, mechas, spiders (they will be able to climb up walls and ceiling) and why not cars, tanks and planes. All working with variable gravity like in Super Mario Galaxy....
Maybe this is too much... πŸ€”

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