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Managed to get the ascii transition effect to work between levels. Could be tweaked further, but fairly happy with it for now...

Some people often don't really grasp the nothingness around my farm Kollafoss until they see it in person. With that said, I do feel like these aerial shots I captured in the arctic twilight hours of 13:00 today nicely capture it. That is, they captured nothing. Literally.

Alright, I will stop there.
But damn it is funny how fascists are just plain dumb.
The guy set a bot to boost any of the persons he follow if said person respond to one of his message.

Meaning I can make him display whatever I want on his profile.

Well done fascist scum ! 👍

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trying out continuous propagation.

the approach here is to do a single propagation pass each frame, but never to do a complete wipe. over time it converges on the infinite bounce solution.

Godot 3.2: the Compressor effects has a sidechain input! You can make your own music performance in this engin - or a really sophisticated dynamic music system! I'm currently testing playing music from 4 stems in sync - works like a charm, no drifting, no hicups. I have realtime reverb and compression, a full blow audio mixer I can control from code. Amazing!
#Godot #GodotEngine #Music #GameDev

@inkscape is a vector graphic design program that lets you create logos, banners and astounding technical and artistic drawings. Think CorelDraw! or Illustrator, but with the open SVG format and none of the closed source-ness. Support Inkscape at:



.@MinetestProject is a voxel-based sandbox game/educational and collaborative tool. Think Minecraft, but open source, faster, leaner, with better cross-platform support and fantastic plugin engine. Help Minetest at:



Well, I also wanted to have portals in my game(as in Portal 1 & 2). Basically, like projectiles, all portals that could be created are generated at start (just hidden & disabled). Then when a player pickup a portalgun, (s)he actually request a pair of portal (s)he will be able to use. (S)he can shoot them anyway (s)he wants and once (s)he drops his/her portalgun, the pair of portals will be released to be reassigned to a new portalgun.

I bought a new phone. It is so big, I am wondering if it will fit in my pocket...
Why making phones so big?

I am currently working on weapons. I've made a really simple optimized system for projectiles and explosions.

Basically, instead of instancing a projectile each time a weapon fire, all projectiles are generated at the very beginning. They are simply hidden and deactivated until a weapon request one of them.

That way you use more RAM but a lot less CPU. And it works great with the networking system in Godot since the nodes always exist and are never destroyed.

During weekdays, I usually have to make a choice between video games and gamedev. Still by doing small bits here and there, progress is being done. Yesterday, I've made an interface to select a map, choose a game mode and launch a server. I will likely rework the interface and define a set of available game modes for each map.

Today, I worked on a spawning system for my game. I want to have multiple game modes. Most game modes will use a basic round robin approach to select spawn positions. But two game modes will allow the player to select his/her spawn position. I wanted a single class that could handle both cases and use the correct one based on the game mode received from the server. It is still WIP right now though...

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