Now I can have really interesting effect. With only two python scripts and three godot shaders.
I can even have transparent objects (that I could use for cheap volumetric lighting) but I have to disable the outline effect in that case...

I took my inspiration from Obra Dinn, the dev used textures to encode his dithering matrices. So I did the same. This means that I can easily change the pattern of the dither. πŸ˜€

I've added variation in the construction of the palette and an outline pass. The results are great ! πŸ‘

I downloaded some nice palette from
And process them to generate textures that can be easily interpreted by custom shaders to obtain this. (Here I used the PICO-8 palette)

I just realized that I could finally try out a vertical screen configuration with my laptop.
It is insane how the simple ability to flip the keyboard can offer so many new usages.

Little update on my Fantasy System:
It is now possible to resize the canvas without loosing what has been drawn. And the pixels are pixel prefect (they match the real pixels of your monitor)
And the user is free to select the color palette, the resolution, the frame rate and the language he wants to use. (for now only Lua is being implemented)

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