@bgardner That's right, it's going in the next patch in about a month or so.

@PMD_NOYEMI The stuff you make is astounding!
Always wanted to make an isometric city myself.

@Producer_san If you pick up Tiled, you can make that exact town (or whatever you like) with this tileset I made for the game:

Rails and streetcar roads are missing at the moment but you could call that some kind of rights management if you want 😓

@PMD_NOYEMI I appreciate the ressources. I might look into putting together a town of my own using these.

I personally was thinking of creating a complete map, including the tiles, myself sometime. But that takes time and effort. Full time work is not helping me with that. =P

Those tiles really look cool, so props on those.

Enjoy your lunch then, t'was nice having this brief chat with ya!

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