Gotta love how there's a point in Prototyping where you just need to go "Fuck it, time to refactor all the code"

So, spending some time doing that for and moving it to C++ from Blueprints cause why the hell not?

@PocketNerd Moving BP code to c++ is essential if you want to have good perf. Doing early is better than doing it at the last minute :)

@booblito Definitely agree, the project is at a pretty early stage so doing it now works. Though for the type of game this is I'm not too worried about performance penalties of BP vs C++.

That's what we were thinking :) I worked on Absolver and we were badly surprised when we started to work on console. Is your shmup pc only?

For now, but I'm not opposed to making console ports of it in the future. Game is still a long way from being complete.

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