I keep sitting in front of my computer ready to record a video and just.... Lock up. Every time.

And I have no idea WHY!

@PocketNerd When I was actively making videos, it took a while before it became natural. What helped me get over it is I first recorded a few with the explicit goal of not posting them. Recorded, edited, then threw them away. Then once the flow became easier, I could start focusing on talking clearly and such. Good luck and hope that helps!

@PocketNerd I found it really heard in the beginning to record and edit myself, but I've been doing weekly video development updates for a few months now and it's become a lot easier with time.

I think deciding that it didn't have to be fancy or polished really helped me just "get it done" and let me accept that there will be mistakes and that's ok.

@PocketNerd I get nervous recording voiceover for some reason, even though I know if I flub a take, I can delete it and no one will ever hear it. I actually get *more* nervous speaking for videos than speaking live. Weird, but maybe common?

@notnull Yeah, my day job has me explaining solutions or problems to customers and I've had no difficulties streaming or being on stream.

But recording? I just get paralysed. Hoping that won't be as much of a problem now that I got a recording done. Even if it's rough.

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