Feeling pret-ty accomplished today! Got the packages and delivery locations randomized. Speed boost also stays hidden on a timer once it's triggered.

Kinda fun since the Unity Debugger in VS Code is basically abandoned now and doesn't work on my Linux machine.

@PocketNerd nice!
And what? 😮 What do they expect us to use for debugging instead?

@sigsegv excellent question. All I know right now is that the VS Code debugger is "unofficially supported" and hasn't been updated since 2020.

The obvious choice for Windows users is just to use Visual Studio Community. But I don't know of an option for Linux devs.

@PocketNerd Hmm.. that's weird. Because fewer and fewer people seem to be using Visual Studio anyway 🤔

@PocketNerd huh, so even some dev from Microsoft/VSCode has reached out to them about it, and they're not replying 😅 I guess they're not really supporting development on Linux anymore then 🤷

@PocketNerd Update: So I pinged them about it, and they finally replied 😅

Apparently they want Microsoft to take over the development. He suggested using Rider on Linux instead. It's not free though..

@sigsegv Not just "not free", but a fucking subscription. Though there's a way to get it as a student.

Sounds like the debugger was someone's pet project and they're no longer working at Unity.

@sigsegv Actually, scratch that, if you're willing to go into the unknown of early-access or nightly builds then they let you use it for free.

@PocketNerd aha! Thanks for the advice 😁 I think I will try out that then!

@PocketNerd about that last part: I think that might have been the case 😂

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