Decided to randomize the tint of the stars in the menu screen for NerdRay, which adds some much needed depth!

Oh look, my tooter is still here! Guess I should update with what I've been working on.

Since I'm back in school, I've decided to try noodling around with various frameworks and/or engines I'm unfamiliar with. I'm working on this little gem using . Not quite sure what the gameplay loop is going to be yet. But I'm having fun!

Playing around with a refractive shockwave effect with the first special weapon in . Definitely not going to be the final effect but learning how to do this is super fun!

Hmmm, how to test my special (potentially screen-wiping) weapon code AND do a massively overdue celebration for 100 followers?

I KNOW! Seriously, thank you all for the support and here's to more awesomeness from me and from you!

Progress on the next Update:

With the Options and Credit Screens both out of the way, I'll be able to focus on getting more enemies in by the end of the week!

Oh, you'll also be able to disable the Camera/Screen shake if you so desire.

Another week, another update to work on, and another ambitious list. Probably the last time I can work a full week on the project before school starts. But here's the plan!

While the next update builds (fingers cross for nothing fatal) lets talk what's in it!

Aside from a Pause feature, the screen also shakes when you're hit now, plus some minor graphical polish. Plus other updates (full changelog comes after the update is uploaded)

Crap! Forgot to post about this sooner. Got more progress at "work" towards , first-attempt at a Toon Shader, and new enemies!

The road to the alpha demo is quickly coming to an end, lets see if I can make it.

Had to be up super early this morning so I decided to check out a tutorial on toon/cell shading as an experiment for .

Seems pretty cool, and if I can be this productive at early mornings this could become the norm.

Few steps back, few steps forward today. Found out my approach to pathing wasn't going to work so having to redo that work (it'll save hassle later!). But I've got a rough idea on what I want my first level to look like!

That moment when you've been doing mostly background work and don't have anything super new to show for

Did a test package and, after dealing with a naughty plugin, it works! Not going to release this particular build, but still good to test!

Decided to try out a plugin for UE4 to save me some time for path-following enemies, seems useful!

Will have to dig into how it works later to see if I can refine it.

Alright! Got the level boss spawning, damage system, and an actual game loop in place! All while sick cause I'm dedicated like that!

Didn't get a whole lot done visually this time around for . But did a crap-ton of refactor and got a damage/death system more properly in place for the player and enemies.

Oh, also added a cute Turret that is trying super hard.

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