Missed a bunch of time on the due to work and being sick (booo!), but finally feeling more up to working on the project in bursts. Now for some Zombie action!

Wracked my brain a little too much on an idea for the , and with my day job getting in the way progress will be a little slow for a few days.

But I got movement!

Feeling pret-ty accomplished today! Got the packages and delivery locations randomized. Speed boost also stays hidden on a timer once it's triggered.

Kinda fun since the Unity Debugger in VS Code is basically abandoned now and doesn't work on my Linux machine.

Me: "I really should find a fun way to name my character instead of just "Pocket Nerd"

Partner: "How about...."


Been playing around with Miro since my partner is using it for her work, seems to do well for planning out levels for the new project!

Been practising with today while following a course, made a bowling pin!

With the massive influx of folks joining the Fediverse a new is in order!

Hi! I'm a programmer and who mostly works in but at times will dabble with other engines and . My activity here has been hit or miss but am looking to post more of my projects and even little tutorials that I or others may find useful (more characters is great!). Here's some of my work or projects that I've worked on.

Who needs a Go Kart when you can have a TANK CART!
I'm trying to get more creative with these daily challenges, I swear!

Thought I'd go retro and do a Car Bed for today's challenge. Also yay I got Blender rendering the way I want again. Had to rewatch KayLousberg's tutorial again >.>

Thought I'd take the Bouy challenge in a little more loosely this time. Gun Bouy!

Ok, so an entire Sky City would be a little too ambitious of an idea for a daily challenge. But here's an idea for a module of what could be a Sky City!

Bit of a phone-in this time, but I made a sandwich! I'm actually really happy with how the bread slices turned out.

I've decided to do daily challenges to hone my (lack of) skills. First three are Sauna, Skeleton, and Oil Rig! Hoping I'll get skilled enough to make game assets for myself at least.

Decided to randomize the tint of the stars in the menu screen for NerdRay, which adds some much needed depth!

Oh look, my tooter is still here! Guess I should update with what I've been working on.

Since I'm back in school, I've decided to try noodling around with various frameworks and/or engines I'm unfamiliar with. I'm working on this little gem using . Not quite sure what the gameplay loop is going to be yet. But I'm having fun!

Playing around with a refractive shockwave effect with the first special weapon in . Definitely not going to be the final effect but learning how to do this is super fun!

Hmmm, how to test my special (potentially screen-wiping) weapon code AND do a massively overdue celebration for 100 followers?

I KNOW! Seriously, thank you all for the support and here's to more awesomeness from me and from you!

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