When a professor responds to "exams are stressful" with "well then practice while under stress" you know you're doomed.

We desperately need better education & a lot more social justice. Humanity is doomed otherwise.

Decided to randomize the tint of the stars in the menu screen for NerdRay, which adds some much needed depth!

uh oh

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Hey, I know there's the new game "jam" thing from Rogue and IGN & I'm seeing a bunch of new/upcoming indies considering entering the "show" - let me just give you a few heads ups just in case you are


🐦🔗: twitter.com/tha_rami/status/14


Then watch as the five little monkeys get yeeted from existence and the purchase who bought a receipt is out god knows how much $$$

Oh look, my tooter is still here! Guess I should update with what I've been working on.

Since I'm back in school, I've decided to try noodling around with various frameworks and/or engines I'm unfamiliar with. I'm working on this little gem using . Not quite sure what the gameplay loop is going to be yet. But I'm having fun!

Running a little behind today, but still going live with more Tethget[h]er on !
Doing more Blueprint-to-C++ conversion of game code!


Going live with some more Space Kid Adventures ! Going to work on a save system so I can store player progress and high-score data!


@Roxy Essentially why we can't have nice things, lol

Some people just like to ruin the fun for everyone else...

Continuing the journey of porting prototype code from Blueprints to C++, come hang out as I work on Tethget[h]er!


It's time for some Space Kid Adventures again! Come hang out while I work on player stats and other systems.


Come covid vaccine side-effects or high water, there WILL be a stream today at the scheduled 2PM (PDT) mark!

Will be continuing work on using .


Going live with some Tethget[h]er development! Going to be porting Blueprint code to C++, come join me a chat and coding shenanigans!


@booblito Thanks! I'm hoping it won't be too difficult. But my C++ is a little rusty.

Today's will be happening, woohoo! Will be porting Blueprints to C++ as I'm moving out of prototyping. You'll get to see how I manage that!

2pm PDT, be there or be... elsewhere, I guess. I'm not the boss of you :P


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