@ryanmiller That's great! I've seen a lot of backlash on other social media and it got the attention of higher-ups.

@ryanmiller Could they not keep it archived so folks can still find answers?

@matttwood Chilling while on vacation. Though using the time to do some professional development.

Missed a bunch of time on the due to work and being sick (booo!), but finally feeling more up to working on the project in bursts. Now for some Zombie action!

Wracked my brain a little too much on an idea for the , and with my day job getting in the way progress will be a little slow for a few days.

But I got movement!

Got Rider working with Unity ✅ (debugger included)
New public repo made ✅
Feeling prepared for the Gamedev.tv Gamejam tomorrow? ✅

Let's see how far I can get with Unity in 10 days, I know I've done one in 3 ;)

@sigsegv Actually, scratch that, if you're willing to go into the unknown of early-access or nightly builds then they let you use it for free.

@sigsegv Not just "not free", but a fucking subscription. Though there's a way to get it as a student.

Sounds like the debugger was someone's pet project and they're no longer working at Unity.

@sigsegv excellent question. All I know right now is that the VS Code debugger is "unofficially supported" and hasn't been updated since 2020.

The obvious choice for Windows users is just to use Visual Studio Community. But I don't know of an option for Linux devs.

Feeling pret-ty accomplished today! Got the packages and delivery locations randomized. Speed boost also stays hidden on a timer once it's triggered.

Kinda fun since the Unity Debugger in VS Code is basically abandoned now and doesn't work on my Linux machine.

Managed to do some today. Nothing to really show, just balanced the environment and camera to something that felt nicer to play.

That said, really feel like I could pull something out of my butt in this time.

@bgorissen I've got a lv45 Summoner already. But aforementioned partner is interested in playing so I figured it'd be nice to levela new character alongside her.

I know I don't have to with how jobs/classes work but this just feels better.

Me: "I really should find a fun way to name my character instead of just "Pocket Nerd"

Partner: "How about...."


@Hackmet Not much to it. You can drop in any image file you want (I picked art assets from Kenney.nl) and then manipulate it like anything else in Miro. The screenshot was made using Snip & Sketch in Windows.

Been playing around with Miro since my partner is using it for her work, seems to do well for planning out levels for the new project!

@ryanmiller I'm one of those "Desktop + Laptop" folks.

But if Work counts.... My current day-job is PC/Mac Repair so.....

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