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Putting the final touches on my "alpha" demo for today, which will get released in (hopefully) a few hours!

Furiously trying to get this alpha-demo prepared and UE4 has to crash... ARGH!

Hopefully I didn't lose that much progress.

Crap! Forgot to post about this sooner. Got more progress at "work" towards , first-attempt at a Toon Shader, and new enemies!

The road to the alpha demo is quickly coming to an end, lets see if I can make it.

Slowly figuring out an Art pipeline that I can handle with my limit art skills for . So far it seems like I'm going to rely heavily on AssetForge with some custom "blocks" when I need to make them.

Seems right up my alley, can definitely do simple models that I can piece together elsewhere.

Had to be up super early this morning so I decided to check out a tutorial on toon/cell shading as an experiment for .

Seems pretty cool, and if I can be this productive at early mornings this could become the norm.

Working on end-game events for . Won't give away spoilers ... shooting the ship core causes energy to just splay harmlessly off it. 🧐🤔

Having the logo to the side was the first thing I attempted, but I couldn't get it to work out back then. Gave it another try now. Maybe this works?

Few steps back, few steps forward today. Found out my approach to pathing wasn't going to work so having to redo that work (it'll save hassle later!). But I've got a rough idea on what I want my first level to look like!

Doing today's while having bruised knuckles and feeling super sluggish is going to be rough, but going to try my best! Gonna try and block-out a level design for my upcoming alpha-demo for

That moment when you've been doing mostly background work and don't have anything super new to show for

Getting all of the side-effects but none of the benefits of my Allergy meds suuuucks.

Hoping I can power through to get some work done today.

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