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Tutorial round and second round of battle, demonstrating the memory mechanics (and tutorial). You pick the right tiles, and use that number of "action points" to decide what to do.

I finally put the source code for my score counters video on GitHub, if anyone's interested... :D

The is still ongoing but I've finished my game and submitted it. First ever finished game jam game! 3rd ever finished game! I had a blast working on it over the last 24ish hours. Looking forward to participating in jams in the future!

We made a card game that needs playtesting! Check out "Bullying the Box Office"- Build + release the next smash hit movie. Light strategy with some creative mechanics (u gotta pitch your movie afterall!) Print n Play and Table Top Sim materials avail @

Been painting these (s)lugs today. Been doing other things too, but reducing production wastage when near storage capacity is harder to convey in a screenshot #HiveTime #indiedev #gamedev #screenshotsaturday

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New this week: Added acceleration to keyboard controls to make aiming easier, added simple shock wave effects to explosions. #screenshotsaturday #indiegamedev #indiedev #gamedev #godotengine

Just added menus to CGA Hell, this has got to be the first time I've made a proper menu for one of my games. Godot's UI stuff is nice to work with. #gamedev #GodotEngine

Hi everyone! Just a heads up that RPG in a Box's price will increase slightly to $24.99 once Early Access starts. Also, Steam keys can now be claimed for purchases made via! #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #voxel #godotengine

Back in the "office" (note: it's a Cafe) to do some more work on . Hopefully I can get far enough to upload an update this week!

And it's live! I'll be making a dev-blog post about the future of the project in the near future. But for now I celebrate!

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Putting the final touches on my "alpha" demo for today, which will get released in (hopefully) a few hours!

Furiously trying to get this alpha-demo prepared and UE4 has to crash... ARGH!

Hopefully I didn't lose that much progress.

Crap! Forgot to post about this sooner. Got more progress at "work" towards , first-attempt at a Toon Shader, and new enemies!

The road to the alpha demo is quickly coming to an end, lets see if I can make it.

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