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Oh boy... I must have slept for a long time. Time to come back to Mastodon!

Time for some more work on , going to finalize my special-weapon code and post an update with it plus some other tweaks!

Homework done? Check!
Chores done? Check!
At a location where I can stream? Check!

Time for some live on ! Going to be refine the effects for my first special weapon for

Playing around with a refractive shockwave effect with the first special weapon in . Definitely not going to be the final effect but learning how to do this is super fun!

Hmmm, how to test my special (potentially screen-wiping) weapon code AND do a massively overdue celebration for 100 followers?

I KNOW! Seriously, thank you all for the support and here's to more awesomeness from me and from you!

Progress on the next Update:

With the Options and Credit Screens both out of the way, I'll be able to focus on getting more enemies in by the end of the week!

Oh, you'll also be able to disable the Camera/Screen shake if you so desire.

Another week, another update to work on, and another ambitious list. Probably the last time I can work a full week on the project before school starts. But here's the plan!

While the next update builds (fingers cross for nothing fatal) lets talk what's in it!

Aside from a Pause feature, the screen also shakes when you're hit now, plus some minor graphical polish. Plus other updates (full changelog comes after the update is uploaded)

Time to put on some music, shut up, and get some done!

First step: Tweaking my update plan for this week based off of feedback and what I can reasonably do.

[ #commissioninfo #commissionOpen #artistsonMastodon #mastoart #commissions ]

🌸Hey, everyone!! My commissions are open again! My prices have changed to compensate for moving prep, so they're a little higher than they used to be! If you're interested, please take a look at my website!


Hey guys, I'm posting again

I'm giving 20% off all commissions today and tomorrow, I'm in need of gas and some eggs and milk.
I have 2 slots open, and I stream my commissions on picarto.
#emergencycommissions #commissions #commissionsopen #mastoart #commissionsale

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Forgot to post my comms here! Currently in need of a $32 dollar e-book for class, so even small donations are appreciated!
Please DM if interested! ❤️
#mastoart #commissions #art #commissionsareopen #creativetoots

Blugh, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to coordinate sprite and position animations in .

If I want my character to move forward a step on a certain keyframe, is there an easy way to animate that?

You'd think animate properties could do it, but it just sets the sprite's absolute position, which doesn't work for things like characters which need to move a relative position.

Any ideas?

After a bunch of refactoring, I've got a new update out for ! Not a whole lot has changed aside from "Under-the-hood" stuff, but this lays the groundwork for more to come.

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