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Semester is finally over, now to take what I learned and apply it along with continual professional development

Heads up: our voxel editor Avoyd will go up in price this Friday 22nd April. Current price is 8$
>> Purchase and download link:
>> Features list and documentation:

That moment when you realize that a 3D Model is a glorified Graph Data Struct

final exam done, now for the nail-biting to find out if I passed...

Dumb question, anyone know a quick way to see if you made an introduction post?

Semester is almost over, looking forward to focusing on again!

Who needs a Go Kart when you can have a TANK CART!
I'm trying to get more creative with these daily challenges, I swear!

Thought I'd go retro and do a Car Bed for today's challenge. Also yay I got Blender rendering the way I want again. Had to rewatch KayLousberg's tutorial again >.>

Thought I'd take the Bouy challenge in a little more loosely this time. Gun Bouy!

Ok, so an entire Sky City would be a little too ambitious of an idea for a daily challenge. But here's an idea for a module of what could be a Sky City!

Bit of a phone-in this time, but I made a sandwich! I'm actually really happy with how the bread slices turned out.

I've decided to do daily challenges to hone my (lack of) skills. First three are Sauna, Skeleton, and Oil Rig! Hoping I'll get skilled enough to make game assets for myself at least.

Been spending parts of the day getting a dev environment for with . Got working, now for , , and !

Iiii don't wanna work, I just wanna play games and all day~

When a professor responds to "exams are stressful" with "well then practice while under stress" you know you're doomed.

We desperately need better education & a lot more social justice. Humanity is doomed otherwise.

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