@QbieShay My team did! Mostly because I was too stubborn to use anything else haha

@NykolaR Same :D we were 2 coders that knew Godot (me and @karroffel ) and we managed to find a third one willing to learn it :D it was fun

@QbieShay @karroffel that definitely sounds like a good time! We were also 2 Godot'ers (well, me and a friend I taught it to at a workshop I held) and we got 2 randos to teach/carry along. Was an awesome but tiring weekend :D

@QbieShay @karroffel globalgamejam.org/2018/games/i

Just try to not mind the main menu screen and note that it's online only (though you can play through localhost running 2 of the game) :P

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