alright! i got the card random picker working. it picks a random card. i also got the controls working. press the up arrow, and it selects a card, and the card counter goes up. so say, you did that and you got a 3, and it counted A. then you do it again, 7, 2. and then 3, 3. when the counter and the random card are the same value, you press return and space at the same time. if you did it right, congrats! if you did it wrong, aww :(

so yeah that's done. now i need to make it actually playable.


also i made the music play in game. it's currently just one track (i haven't made all of them yet, just the ones i need and then i'll make it feel more diverse)

now i need to get the sprites in there, and make the menu, options, and other cool stuff.

also i still gotta make it so that when you press the up arrow, you have to wait for opponent's turn to end (or opponents' if there's many) and then you can do it again.

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