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also don't judge me i've never made a poster for a game before that's why it sux but i will get better with time. this isn't the final version anyway so yeah that's cool

on that matter, anyone know any good free graphics design software? is cool but for this type of stuff it falls a lil short, also it's propietary and closed source software (pcss) and not on linux but it's the best i know

maybe inkscape? idk if it's oss or for linux but if it's better than sure!

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i'm proud to announce that most of cardflex's soundtracks, audio stingers and sound effects are done, as well as most of the relevant sprites! the actual game will start development soon, like with code and stuff

here's another peek. this one's called "Joker" because of the card in the french and german decks, i think. i called it that because it sounded like a circus and it's a joker so yeah

people i am very proud to announce today that development of Cardflex (the game idea i had like 2 days ago) has officially started! currently doing the music. this is what i've got so far. it's got leitmotifs and all, i am a professional sound designer i'm like simon chylinski and toby fox except 10 times better :sunglasses:

GAME IDEA: Cardflex


irl card game, called the "nervioso (lit. nervous)" here on chile


portmanteau of CARD and reFLEX

how to play:

press space and it spawns a random card from the english deck from the a to the k. at the same time it counts one higher (a, 2, 3, 4... 10, j...) until it reaches the k. then it resets (q, k, a...)

what you have to do is press enter when the card that spawns is the same as the one the game counts

that's the basic idea

don't steal :)

attention everyone; flappy bird but bad v1.1.0 source code is out! binaries available too, for all 5 major platforms!

i have an idea for "flappy bird but bad", adding high scores

so i know how to store a score variable and make it increase every time you go in between the obstacles

what i don't know how to do is to use that to store a highscore

but my idea is to declare the variable (public bool highscore)

and then make it increase every time the score variable is higher (if (score > highscore) {highscore++})

should be easy to do

there it is, idk what happened but i'm not gonna question it

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by "source code is available at" i meant it's still commiting to main but you get the idea

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although no one follows this account, i re-made my flappy bird clone in 1 hour, the basics of it anyway

i guess i really did improve a lot

source code is available at

at the time it's out only for windows and android, but that's just because i forgot to install the build modules, i'll post here when i release for linux, mac and ios! you can also download the project (it uses unity 2020.03.22f1 LTS) and compile it yourself to whatever platform you'd like to play on! bye

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