if anyone stumbles upon this account/is still listening, I've moved to @ronja@cybre.space for now

Watch me slide into the DMs of a porn game creator and explain shaders to them at 1am

Sometimes when I flirt with people I ask them if they wanna make a game with me (and usually forget about it forever)

Someone I'm flirting with asked me to make a game with them and ??????

The tutorial will be available for everyone tomorrow so the "you get to see tutorials earlier" isn't a huge reward so far, but I wanna make a second tutorial this weekend to release in a week so that'll improve the reward a bit :D

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The next tutorial about interpolating between random cells to create smoother patterns (also known as value noise) is now up for patreon backers.


On a completely unrelated topic...
if anyone has experience/tips for DIY HRT, please hit me up

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Also they stole my blood (I'm not mad about that though)

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and "me stopping HRT in the past is suspicious (I was busy being depressed in Saxony where the nearest city was fucking chemnitz)" also "them not giving me tiddies is for the best because annoying healthcare might not give me money if I don't adhere to annoying procedures"

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Is it okay if I rant here a bit? The endokrinologist I went to doesn't want to give me estrogen because "I'm not in therapy for at least half a year(I was in the past)"

Also I have a patreon now, so if you want to support me there, I would really appreciate that 💖


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When we use random values to generate patterns in shaders we call those patterns "noise".

This tutorial about the completely random "white noise" is the first of a small series about different kinds of noise.


just for clarification: noise is random patterns in this case, not sound.

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What would you like for tomorrows tutorial? The start of a small series about noise, procedural toon lighting with multiple steps or something else?

Hey there, I'm Ronja, I do code for @Chasing_Carrots@twitter.com.

I'm really into graphics programming at the moment and show others how to make shaders at ronja-tutorials.com

Woo, I'm home from gamescom and while there was a lot of crowded spaces and exhausting misgendering I also met a bunch of really cool people so under the cut it was worth it.
Can't wait to meet a bunch of you again in a better setting 💖

Gamescom is happening, I just met @OskSta@twitter.com and he's as nice as you'd expect 💖

Heyy, I'm gonna be at the next few days, talk to me if you see this face :D

It's easy to render objects only in some areas of the screen using stencil buffers. This weeks tutorial happens to be about them ✨


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