So I'm really new to Mastodon, which and accounts should I certainly follow? Thanks in advance! 🤗

Best thing you can do is scroll through those hashtags and follow the ones posting stuff that interest you. Also keep an eye on the Local timeline since you're in a gamedev instance, those are posts only from :)
The Federated timeline shows toots from anyone that is followed by someone in your instance. So probably a good chunk of them will be other devs.

@opponent019 oh that sounds great! 😁 Some of the hashtags I was checking out had the same 3-4 people tooting, so the local and federated timelins look great for some more diversity! Thanks 🤗

@SanderVanhove I've done some lookups for the GodotEngine hashtag. Might need to differentiate a bit more after a while though, doesn't need to be all gamedev the whole on my timeline. 😅

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