Just got this book, there are so many beautiful drawings in it 😍 I should try to recreate some as shaders or something!

What art/books inspire you? 📚

@anji thank you Matthijs 🤗 I'm sure it's going to be an awesome game! 😁

I have some awesome news! 🤗 This week I started my first full-time job with these great people! 😍

I can't tell a lot about the project yet, but let's say it will be amazing 😏

@MaxDamage oh yeah, I should have a look into that. It could make some shortcuts more fitting to my work style 😊

@MaxDamage me neighter to be honest 😅 only to scale the UI for tutorials 😛 did you find something interesting?

@opponent019 oh that sounds great! 😁 Some of the hashtags I was checking out had the same 3-4 people tooting, so the local and federated timelins look great for some more diversity! Thanks 🤗

@bram_dingelstad oh yeah that looks great! 😁 Thanks for the advice. I'll follow a bunch of them too 😊

@marty_TrollPurse I've noticed the same! Well, it's a nice practicle example of the Skinner box effect 😅

@straylight I'm also still learning this platform, but it looks quite nice 🤗

So I'm really new to Mastodon, which and accounts should I certainly follow? Thanks in advance! 🤗

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