There needs to be an online game store focused on recreating the "old days" of gaming. It would only sell games that:
-Do not have microtransactions -Take at least 8 hours to complete
-Are not free
-Are not "always online"
-Are not early access
-Do not require a launcher

The idea is that games sold here would be full experiences. No experimental or joke indie games, no F2P paywalls and no microtransactions.

@SaturnO I sortof agree with you on this, but I also disagree.

I agree that there are some major mismatches of features/models with certain genres or types of games that need to be stopped. But at the same time I also think that the industry and gamers have benefited from games who's design and model fits perfectly with some of the things you're hoping to eliminate.

You wouldn't be seeing Undertale or Warframe, as two immediate examples that come to mind.

@SaturnO The indie-scene is where most of the innovation is coming from these days, as big studios and publishers are waaaay to risk-averse now.

@PocketNerd and the idea isn't to obliterate indie games, its to filter out the incomplete or low effort indies.

@PocketNerd yes, but GOG focused originally on old games. It might allow early access and microtransactions too (I'm not sure)

@PocketNerd Good riddance to Warframe, but thats just a personal preference.

Why Undertale? It doesn't fall under any of those criteria

@SaturnO I could be wrong, but wasn't Undertale initially free? Also, see Deltarune.

Warframe, while you may not like it, is actually doing really well with its fan-base and is definitely what I would consider a game that does some of the things you dislike correctly.

@SaturnO I'd disagree with such store. Yes, I think that microtransactions, "always online" and needing a launcher for games is bad But:
-Quality games being put behind a big price tag hurts the overall gaming and gamedev scene. The costs for good video games are prohibitively high, and that is a problem. Without experiencing quality video games it's hard for me to tell if another game is good and if I'm creating a game it's hard for me to understand what is lacking.People need this experience.

-The world need weird indie games. Look for example at "Get over it". It's a weird indie game. it can be beaten in a few hours, and even in a minute if you're good. But the experience you get from it is substantial, and it made an impact to the general gamedev scene. Making such games hard to find would lessen their much needed impact.

-Early access games, aren't necessarily bad. Early access games allow the creator to quickly understand, what players like and dislike about the game, while making it. In the end, this results in a better game for players, and new experience for the devs.
-"Old days" of gaming weren't as good as you might think. Yes, microtransactions weren't there, but there really was quite a lot of really bad games being sold. Asset filps did exist - we just like to not remember about those.

@SaturnO Doesn't G.O.G already satisfy many of these requirements?

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