Haven't posted on here in a LONG time. But I figured why not. I'm making an clone called Lost Construct! Here's a little gif of the units and team colors!

@PocketNerd yes, but GOG focused originally on old games. It might allow early access and microtransactions too (I'm not sure)

@PocketNerd and the idea isn't to obliterate indie games, its to filter out the incomplete or low effort indies.

@PocketNerd Good riddance to Warframe, but thats just a personal preference.

Why Undertale? It doesn't fall under any of those criteria

There needs to be an online game store focused on recreating the "old days" of gaming. It would only sell games that:
-Do not have microtransactions -Take at least 8 hours to complete
-Are not free
-Are not "always online"
-Are not early access
-Do not require a launcher

The idea is that games sold here would be full experiences. No experimental or joke indie games, no F2P paywalls and no microtransactions.

So in 20 years when we're living in a full-fledged cyberpunk dystopia what will the cyberpunk fiction of that generation be?

Anyone have any good tutorials for using Mirror for Multiplayer in ?

Struggling to come up with a creative name for my Advance Wars clone that can hold its ground amongst quality names like "Wargroove" and "Tiny Metal". 😶

Anyone have a good idea of what services would be best for a multiplayer turn based game in Unity? I find a lot of posts on the forums but they seem to be a year old at least

Terrified to dive into adding multiplayer. Unity says they make it easy but I don't trust them 😶

So anyone have any tips on commissioning artists? Like what should I be sending them when I request an asset? Whats a good method of payment? How long does it take to make a textured 3D model that isn't animated?

@junaza_art I love dis. You kinda created your own style (either that or I haven't seen enough pixel art).

I aspire to be the only indie game dev without unkempt facial hair

Its pretty ugly because its a Frankenstein's monster of random Unity assets...

...so if any artists are wanna give me tips or are looking for paid work hmu

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