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I think I might make a hard commitment to never make a game (or other media form) with on-screen killing. I've been thinking about this since Undertale and 45, and it feels like what I want to do (even though it makes some of my favorite projects difficult or impossible).

As a weaker (subjective) commitment, I will never release any misanthropic content, although the gray zone between philanthropy and misanthropy is something I'm still contemplating.

video games, violence, 45 

The first game I'm developing, Débris Noirs, has death (you can die from débris), but it doesn't have aliens that can be shot (so no killing).

The game itself is existential (and in the aforementioned gray zone), so all commitments would be after I finalize any decisions.

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This now has me wondering if 1) horror games can be philanthropic and 2) horror games can remove killing.

I don't like horror as a genre (and probably wouldn't enjoy making the one horror game I'm tempted to make), but it's an interesting thought.

video games, violence, 45 

@SciFiGameDev I'm very much in favor of horror games that don't let the player fight back. I also like the idea of adventure-style horror games that disturb and unnerve but don't actually kill the player character. SOMA's mode that allows you to play without fear of being attacked might be an example worth looking at.

@thetrakynia @SciFiGameDev
"Alien: Isolation" has long stretches of trying to evade detection. It's rare that you can kill an android and there is never a way to kill the alien.

video games, violence, 45 

@SciFiGameDev I have also made the same commitment, and I have a long-term goal to build a game studio around the idea (in addition to all games being FOSS).

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