Question about rendering experts.
I've seen somewhere a while ago that putting hard edges in your models with your modeling program forces engines to render that face in an extra call and its more efficient to use a normal map instead. (Like in a disco ball lets say, better to have the hard edges in the normal map instead of defining it on the mesh.) Does that hold merit or was it just misinformation?

Ok, i run into an issue that i didn't have before. Since Unity 2018.3.6, if i have stripping level in the player settings set to "medium", rendering fails. I have to have it set to low. Now, i've had it set to medium ever since i first made my project, and the manual says nothing about unity getting rid of the default unity shaders. Am i missing something or is this a bug? My project is just black with only a couple of text elements showing. @aras

Um, ok really, i'm trying to change my unity project's effects to the post process v2 stack and i can't find a proper explanation on how to change settings on my current volume via script. Github doesn't really tell me what i want and the documentation is talking about the older way. Anyone knows where i can how to access the various elements of the profile via script?

@aras Question about the new nvidia 20xx. Is it possible to actually utilize the GPU's accelerated hybrid raytracing to bake lightmaps in the unity editor? I know there is no support right now, or in the GPU baker for 2018.3, but is it possible to add it?

Interactable objects are working, inventory system is in place, save and load slots work, dialog systems are in place... now all that's left is to make my game! 😅

Ok. Guys, does anyone here own an EOS 6D MK II? If yes, are you happy with the noise level in the shadows? Can you push it a couple of stops?

Noob question, when Unity goes to its new ECS system, will i have to learn a new way of writing scripts? Or will it be mostly transparent to the plebs?

Ok, so last night i noticed that on top of the lightweight and HD render pipelines in Unity, i now have a "Core" as well.
Is that going to be the default one if you don't use one of the other two pipelines?

@revenant every 4 or 5 years i (a person who has occasionally written c++ but never actually learned enough c++ to understand anything at all) catch a little windnow into the current state of c++ and it's a glimpse into some kind of weird postmodern satirical hellscape full of strange glittering mechanisms assembled entirely out of razor blades and crank ontological obsessiveness.

I've seen the new Unity blog post about the rendering paths, but the one thing that i wanted to see isn't there. A rough estimate on performance gain or loss when compared to the old system. It does show what they support, but not if the same project will be easier or harder on the hardware now. I'm guessing easier?

Sooo, the 4k file transfers on the SSD are a big slower with the mobo/windows updates as expected, 3D Mark actually gained some points. Now the fun part will be how compiling is impacted...

Has anyone noticed jittering issues with TAA from the post processing stack 2 in Unity 2017.3?
Scene was fine in U2017.2.1, TAA was stable. Updated last night and TAA is shimmering like crazy.

I honestly understood more math with Unity's documentation and twitter, instead of from college... "This is that", but very rarely with the why.

Got to love how Nintendo uses rim lighting and silhouette rendering when your are behind stuff.

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