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It's not officially announced just yet, but if you're sneaky you can get the Unity 2018.3 beta already now and get your hands on nested Prefabs and all the other new stuff!

How about them prefabs!!!

Prefabs prefabs prefabs. Up to my neck in prefabs

Super frustrated by SourceTree on Windows. First it will not install because of some networking issue. Then it will not connect to github because of 2FA. Now it has stored a list of password for github but it will not let me delete any of them and start over. Super annoyed.

SourceTree on OSX is actually pretty nice....

That embarrassing moment when you realize you are looking at files in the wrong repository after you complained about build errors in a public channel

Having fun fixing backwards compatibility issues.

Hi i’m steen. Been in games and entertainment industry since the ‘98. I have been with unity the last 7 years. Currently leading our prefab rewrite effort

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