Today's meeting @work: a colleague from Australia visiting us in France, relies a proposal to share the work in an way inspired by , using git and allowing anyone to file Pull Requests: F*CK YES (even if it's only internal, not fully "open", still good)

Have a panorama of human stupidity: read any newspaper article's comments section. Any language. Almost any subject. Never get disappointed, ever.

@akien Concernant mon message précédent, il semble ne toucher que les utilisateurs du module de connexion KeepassXC pour Firefox, dont je fais partie. La désactivation du module règle le souci.

@akien Est ce que tu es en mesure d'envoyer un message sur Lounge avec Firefox? Pour une raison que j'ignore, la touche Entrée fait sauter une ligne, et un clic souris sur le bouton "envoyer" fait recharger la page...

The new showreel is up! Or "are" actually, since there were so many submissions that we made two videos.

At last, a visually decent demo of all the modifiers included in the addon futari for Godot.

walls or floor colliderattractors (positive and negative)windvortex

And, obviously, it would not be fun without a video!

Thank you @mozilla! @godotengine has been awarded $50,000 as part of the Mozilla Open Source Support Mission Partners program!

We'll use these funds to port the Godot editor to the web, implement WebRTC and further networking features, and 3D demos!

Ok, might as well ask here too. Who here is working with in VR? I'm trying to compile a list of projects, big and small, hopefully to start getting people to notice Godot actually supports VR :)

Godot 3.1 is RELEASED!

More than a year of work on new features and a ton of usability improvements, as well as several thousand bugs fixed. Enjoy!

A big Thank You to all contributors for making a project such as possible!

4000 forks for on ! Only 96 missing for a nice round number :o)

And bring me those 20,000 stars before the 3.1 release, will you?

has been accepted as a participant organization in Google Summer of Code 2019!

See this blog post with some relevant links on how to get prepared if you'd like to apply for a internship in the Godot community.

day 2 starting now on , come and watch the livestream:
First talk by @Quendera (twitter) about neuroscience applications using

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