Direct link to the stream which will start on Saturday, January 23rd at 8:45 am UTC:

And you can join the chat platform ( instance) that we set up for the occasion!

We're using it to offer a fully open source and privacy oriented place to discuss with speakers and other attendees, and to host dedicated rooms for each talk.

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Our first fully online will be this Saturday, January 23rd!

It's a YouTube Premiere with over 7 hours of talks, and we also created a dedicated chat platform to host Q&As and discussions between attendees.

As usual, it's free! ✨

I almost forgot about this place. What if this was the right place to talk about , the games framework for I'm rewriting?

Announcing Online 2021!

We're going online for a free and international conference on 23 Jan 2021.

We're thrilled to make it possible for ALL Godot users to attend a GodotCon!

Please send us your talk proposals by 31 Dec 2020.

In my previous job I said to the recruiters (more than once) to post a job opening specifically for a female programmer. Unfortunately, even after saying they would consider, I don't think they ever actually did it.


please if you are a male dev looking for a job, care about what teams look like. ask how many women devs there are. ask how many women are on the leadership team. normalize this. care about this.


Godette m'accompagne à Bruxelles pour la , elle s'est fait plein de nouveaux amis ! @doomyflo

is up, everyone! Tune in on !
Currently, Yann Burrett teaches us how to make tutorials.

@fosdem Game Dev Room new speech: & Games, A rivalrous case-study from porting Doom 3 by Mahmoud Abdelghany

@fosdem game dev room here : second talk from Vladislaw Belov : : Graphics Pipeline.

@fosdem Gamedev Room first talk starts : Bringing to Engine by Emmanel Leblond.

I'll be leaving France this afternoon, heading to Brussels to attend @fosdem I'll be on stand, and I'll also give a small talk about , a Godot framework to create games. I'm hoping to see you there!

The ULB campus Solbosch is located within the Brussels Low Emission Zone (LEZ). Drivers of cars registered abroad are required to register before entering the LEZ, or risk being fined. Registration is free of charge.
More information can be found here:

0 A.D. Empires Ascendant is happy to present our newest social media account here on Mastodon. May our Toots be many :)

0 A.D. Hero portrait of Hannibal, by JustinOperable, with a backdrop of Carthage by LordGood.

The new Building Snapping Feature by vladislavbelov has been committed to svn (development version). Just press Ctrl when placing a building and it will snap to the edge of nearby buildings.

The Pompeii Amphitheatre. Some new eye candy by LordGood, the leader of our Art Department.

The importer /exporter for has been originally developed for the Defense & Space program.

Julien Duroure, the main developer behind it, explains how to use it to export from Blender to [Conf lang: FR].

The is enabled by default in Blender. More info about it in:

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