Direct link to the stream which will start on Saturday, January 23rd at 8:45 am UTC:

And you can join the chat platform ( instance) that we set up for the occasion!

We're using it to offer a fully open source and privacy oriented place to discuss with speakers and other attendees, and to host dedicated rooms for each talk.

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Our first fully online will be this Saturday, January 23rd!

It's a YouTube Premiere with over 7 hours of talks, and we also created a dedicated chat platform to host Q&As and discussions between attendees.

As usual, it's free! ✨

I almost forgot about this place. What if this was the right place to talk about , the games framework for I'm rewriting?

Announcing Online 2021!

We're going online for a free and international conference on 23 Jan 2021.

We're thrilled to make it possible for ALL Godot users to attend a GodotCon!

Please send us your talk proposals by 31 Dec 2020.

@gee Ok je vois. Je pense que le challenge est effectivement assez intéressant pour qu'on s'y lance depuis zéro :)

@gee Je note que "le moteur point’n’click de était tentant". D'abord, merci beaucoup d'avoir regardé. Ensuite, puis-je avoir tes remarques à ce sujet ? Je vais bientôt reprendre le dev d' et toute information/suggestion est intéressante. Merci !

In my previous job I said to the recruiters (more than once) to post a job opening specifically for a female programmer. Unfortunately, even after saying they would consider, I don't think they ever actually did it.


please if you are a male dev looking for a job, care about what teams look like. ask how many women devs there are. ask how many women are on the leadership team. normalize this. care about this.


@Pouhiou Quel swag ! Ah on me dit dans l'oreillette que "swag" est un mot has-been depuis au moins 2 ans. Bon bah: que vous me semblez joli - Que vous me semblez beau - Sans mentir, si votre ramage se rapporte à votre plumage, vous êtes le phénix des hôtes de ces bois.

@fosdem @polymorphcool I haven't received such email yet. As soon as I receive it, I'll let you guys know :)
I also gave the same talk during GodotCon, 2 days later. We'll upload them in a few time.

Godette m'accompagne à Bruxelles pour la , elle s'est fait plein de nouveaux amis ! @doomyflo

is up, everyone! Tune in on !
Currently, Yann Burrett teaches us how to make tutorials.

@fosdem Game Dev Room new speech: & Games, A rivalrous case-study from porting Doom 3 by Mahmoud Abdelghany

@fosdem game dev room here : second talk from Vladislaw Belov : : Graphics Pipeline.

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