Don't you dare zoom on my profile pic. It was made discord in mind, so I didn't put much effort into details.

My problem with linux is that I'm overwhelmed by the number of different options.

But now I'm back together with good old vanilla debian. On my laptop.

Still need windows on my desktop :(

I always hate my topology and my lack of skills while in "vertice select", but when I switch to "edge select" i'm always like "this looks so damn smooth i'm a fucking master at this shit!!"

Mixamos autoriggin is black magic. Work's every time, even with a bit shittier topology. How?

some dumb blender guru drama, slurs 

I visited twitter. Just read some long-ass thread about Blender guru being literal nazi for joking about f-slur

Ok. Maybe it's time to delete my twitter account

There should be some kind of texture maker app for smartphones. There is plenty of working 3d modeling apps already so performance shouldn't really be a problem.

I wouldn't ever want to model on a phone, but making textures/materials would be great for bus rides etc.

: Stealth game, in which you are totaly unqualified worker in a factory, or where ever, and you are trying to hide it

I hate it's name, but "Twidere" is so far the best app for mastodon, in my experience.

Game idea: You and your friend are playing as wrestlers against each other, but it's a co-op game and you two are trying coordinate a good fight for the audience.

You know, like real wrestling.

I actually got bunch of shit wrong. Naming layers and material library, it's all there!

I blame the lack of tutorials. Maybe I should make one later myself

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I think I *really* like @godotengine, now that I've had a chance to really dig in. I could see myself using it for more projects.

It has some areas that are a bit weak that I lean into on other engines, though. I like that there's a community of folks working on those (I don't have the time to build the skills to do that, right now).

Of note: The UI system, especially the vbox/hbox stuff works well, but if you need to tweak them, it can be less than intuitive. I'm also missing rapid dev tools like a polymodeler (the existing tool is powerful, but meets a different functional need) and vfx/shader graph type of stuff.

I'm still super new, so it's possible that I've just missed something in these, but that's my experience so far.

#GameDev #Godot

Found a little chunk of time today to cross something off my todo list that's been there since before #HiveTime shipped #screenshotsaturday #indiedev #gamedev

I joined pixelfed. Such a shame that there isn't good android app for it yet

I just saw someone make a toot with cw for money and exercise. Judging by their profile, they were serious. Not complaining, I just find it fascinating

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