My problem with linux is that I'm overwhelmed by the number of different options.

But now I'm back together with good old vanilla debian. On my laptop.

Still need windows on my desktop :(

@Suspikuutti That’s my favorite part! I went 100% Linux (Kubuntu) around 5 years ago and never looked back. Unlike windows where I’m forced to just suck it up, when I encounter something I don’t like on Linux, I can actually change it... almost as if I actually own my computer, and not the other way around :)

@diggeloid Yeah, I was joking really, but there is some truth in that joke, at least for me.

I find it bit frustrating that if I want a distro tat has fresh packages, I'm pretty much forced to use something like arch, which always seems to require some amount of terminal usage or other tinkering. And if I want none of that, I have older packages or have I to rely on snaps and stuff, which are quite messy for my taste.

But now I left Debian. Solus seems perfect for me.

@Suspikuutti @diggeloid Feels, every time I redo my operating system I try to use Arch and pacman just the packages I need.

Day 2 I give up and install the gnome bundle.

Day 3 I nuke the whole thing, install Ubuntu, and pretend any "crud" I don't use doesn't exist 😂

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