It's time for me 😊

Hi I'm eL-Falso, german (coding, pixelart, ) Switched from GMS2 to last year and currently working on a made with Godot. From time to time I stream the development on .

I love tea, cookies and cooking

@helloCLD Thank you really much for the kind words ❤️ I really wonder how the game will look like in one year, even though the style will stay the same 😊

@TackRadGames Exciting! I've always wanted to dabble in 2D pixel pinball games.

@winterion Yeah, I know this myself. So far I only know one 2D pinball game, which is "Demon's Tilt", because of this I want to change it. 2D pixel/retro games are awesome \😊/

@SanderVanhove Thank you really much for the interest in the project ❤️

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