Would love it if the BSD projects adopted a process like the Go project has. They now accept PRs on GitHub but still use their preferred workflow for review.

I feel it would drastically reduce the barrier to entry for contributors.

github.com/golang/go/issues/18 #FreeBSD #NetBSD #OpenBSD


@wezm Yes! High barrier to contribution seems to be a pervasive problem among mature FOSS projects (e.g. GNOME).

My typical experience goes like this:
* "Oh, Software X is on GitHub!"
* Clone, modify, fork, push
* Create PR
* Within a day or two, someone closes the PR with the comment, "All patches must be submitted via our bugzilla."
* Sigh, create yet another bugzilla account, submit patch
* 6+ months later, the bugzilla issue is closed with "Patch doesn't apply to master."

@Tak @wezm The BSDs all use email, you don't need to make an account on github or anywhere else to contribute.

@Tak @wezm GNOME is so bad about this. getting any response to "how does this work and can someone help me change it to work better for me" generally involves going to their IRC, waiting around, and then getting told to pound sand because More Important People Than You disagree

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