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"Evoked the deepest, most undescribable, strangely familiar feeling within me."

"Probably one of my favourite games of all time."

Some kind words that have been shared about Kingdom Ka over the years.

For the first time Pay-What-You-Want on itch.

Any optimization that has not been tested is premature

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🤩 When someone moves a JIRA ticket I'm waiting on from ToDo to InProgress

😭 When the same person, two days later, moves the ticket from InProgress to ToDo

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hey fedi i need a new place to sell my time to survive under capitalism

i have a quite diverse skillset ranging from hardware design to electronics to software, basically: if it's tech, chances are i have some useful knowledge already

i want something remote and with flexible working hours if at all possible


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We filed a lawsuit today against Vizio because they fail to fulfill even the basic requirements of the #GPL. You can check out the complete materials here:

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lookin for work [software dev or somethin] boosts appreciated 

hey what's up gamers one of my bosses is ghosting me so i am looking for work [sunglasses emoji]

I have a CV at and I am skilled with pretty much all the mainstream programming languages

I would like to be writing Rust for money but honestly I have rent to pay so, w/e

i am stuck in the UK for the next 2 years & i would like to work remote and my sleep pattern is Fucked so,, flexible hours? thank <3

I tried mounting and repairing with a rescue image, but the systemd install was broken enough that I couldn't get it booting again, and I ended up dirty-installing 21.04 again over top of my hosed installation and upgrading that.

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So the upgrade of the systemd and usrmerge packages failed.
I'm not sure whether it's because it was in the middle of the distribution upgrade or whether usrmerge only fails catastrophically, but it left my system with a ton of files and symlinks duplicated between / and /usr, and it made me play russian roulette with each one until I eventually made a fatal wrong guess with ld-linux or a friend.

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"The upgrade has aborted. Your system could be in an unusable state."

So it has come to this.

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Woo, getting warnings about systemd possibly being "in a nonworking state" during the upgrade, this might end up being more fun than I signed up for 😬

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What better way to spend a rainy Monday morning than upgrading to Ubuntu 21.10?

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After 5 years in development...
My game EYE OF THE TEMPLE is out NOW on!

Doing any of the following would mean SO MUCH:
🔁 Retweet & share
🔥 Step into the adventure
✍️ Leave a review after playing (this really helps a lot!)

Check it out:

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This is good. Far more AAA studios should try it & see how much hourly productivity they gain, talent they attract, & workers they retain over the long term. [When MS Japan trialled this in 2019, productivity grew 40%.]
"In the next few weeks, the Montreal and Sherbrooke studios will be officially closed on Fridays, without changing the working conditions currently in place nor the salaries of employees, thus switching from the 40-hour week to 32-hour."

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Tri City Monsters now has a browser version on Remember that games are best downloaded but if ur just looking for a sample, i've got you!

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