nevermind I'm a moron, addition ain't that fun for me. Took me some time to comprehend.

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When RC's basically kill your game and you don't know why with the error 'Parser Error: Member 'name' already exists as a class property.'. It didn't whine about this in all the alpha's and beta's. No idea how to fix it atm.

For the modelers being active here, are you using PureRef? Came across it and might be worth to check out for collecting/using ref pictures.

Ugh... I will be back in like 2 weeks with full activity, grinding so hard over here with exams stuff.

Happy how my website/portfolio is coming along (despite stuff being broken atm due to porting/rewriting) , it was a static website before, but thanks to @Valkrysa I came across Ghost which basically made this whole process a breeze! I'm very happy that in the end I don't have to write whole contents in HTML anymore and shifting around 'blocks' is easy due to Handlebars.

Currently creating a survey which might or might not impact the development of my horror project/game a lot dependings on the results. I personally think that it's important to consider someone elses opinions so you can make everything you make better. Currently using for it.

@Valkrysa Funny sidenote, discovered Ghost through you and like it over wordpress due to the no hassle/bs theme development stuff. Thanks.

Not been able to make any progress lately, been busy learning for exams and some personal things.

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RT depression symptoms ⚠️

• loss of interest in things you liked.
• insomnia.
• feelings of guilt and worthlessness.
• overeating or appetite loss.
• trouble concentrating.
• persistent sad or “empty” feelings.
• suicidal thoughts

Will you RT for depression awareness?

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Looks like I might have the opportunity to work full time on in the near future!

As an energy engineer it's a bit of a career change (albeit easily reversible, lots of similarities), but well, a $dayjob in and in such a great project doesn't come around every day :)

Concept main menu with a temporary background yanked from google which will be replaced with real time sections of levels later on and such. I kinda like where this is going towards

Excuse me for my (even more) broken english (at times). I am at the moment tired as hell and typing everything extremely fast without even checking the stuff I'm typing. Good night over here c:

Just for reference, posting the initial set up of it currently. Couldn't add it to previous toot.

I love writing scripts so I can be even more lazy. Easy infinite scrolling background generates the panels it needed to fill the screen (and some more to make it seamless) and keeps reusing it's panels. Will possibly create a gist of it once I have added some features and cleaned up the code. Stuttering is caused by encoding and my sloppy recording. .

When you are programming stuff @ 2:30 AM because you want to wrap something up and you had create a whole workaround for the thing you wanted to do which looked fairly easy to do. (It's actually quite easy to do the thing I'm busy with, but it takes some time)

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Today I'm putting Adventure Mode on hold and attempting to port from 2.1.4 to 3.0.

Wish me luck!

Happy for my fav band to get their stuff used in the new trailer for Paladins. Can't tell the same for the game itself, since they basically thought it was a nice idea to take over the whole lootbox mechanism stuff Star Wars Battlefront 2 got a lot of heat from, making it overly pay-to-win in casual play (Ranked has every card set to a specific level).

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