Been spending since time understanding how to make a from a c like language to x86-64 machine code. I think I now understand enough to actually start!

Ah I forgot about this place for a few months :(

In the past week, Github has made moves aimed at taking over both free software packaging and now free software crowdfunding.

This is utterly scary, and I'm surprised nobody is talking about it.

Mostly I just find the technology interesting and want to play with that

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I feel like I want to make an mmorpg in my spare time. Yeah I know... Not to sell or in the expectation I'd get a single player, but just to scratch the itch I have to make one.
Perhaps not an mmorpg then but even just a tiny shared area you can walk around and interact will do. With aweful graphics. Don't know why, I just want to make this.

I think I have most of the required knowledge although making enough art for even the tinyest of areas would be problematic for me.

Going to try to improve my blender skill to make some models for my project. I don't expect to get good quickly but if I practice a lot should be able to make something

One more week at work then two weeks away on a cruise. Have to decide do I take my laptop and do some personal projects on days at sea or do I take books and have time well away from computer to recharge :)

Decided to make a very simple 2d platform game first instead of the 3d game I want to make so I can make sure my underlying opengl etc code is good without all the complexity and practice 'polish' on a very simple game...

I guess I have to admit to myself that I'll never have the time or focus to make both a game and all the low level engine code for it in my 'spare' time so I need to accept that I'll either make some pretty opengl demos that are not a game, or I make a game using Godot or something and I'll won't feel like I made the important parts.

Its all just for my own fun so no consequences to which I choose but I guess it's time to decide which I find more fun.

It should be obvious, but in case it's not: you can take one of two approaches if you are concerned about Microsoft's acquisition of github:

1) Wring your hands, moan, complain, make pointless references to "embrace, extend, extinguish" and quotes like "open source is a cancer" and "the GPL is a virus" and "the GPL is unconstitutional", etc.; OR

2) Create an empty git project *somewhere else*, fire up a terminal, and issue the following commands:
git clone<myProject>
cd myProject
git remote add newOrigin <urlToEmptyProject>
git push --all newOrigin
git push --tags newOrigin
And then delete your github account.

Git is a "Distributed [Revision] Control System", and uses an open protocol, and is build on GPL-protected code.

Your catastrophe aring from Microsoft buying Github is *exacltly* what the GPL was designed for.

Git's architecture was designed to specifically to facilitate this type of transfer.

Just... get on with it.

For a few days was struggling with how to represent arbitrary uniforms for shaders in my opengl project, and then how the calling code knows which it needs to set.

Then realized none this need to be abstract. The shader and the code using it need to both know which exact uniforms are needed so why am I wasting time trying to abstract this.

One day perhaps my game will need to pass generic uniform values but until then this is premature abstraction slowing me down and complicating the code.

Opengl project can now project and rotate a cube in world space. Next up - movable camera, followed by support for textures...

My biggest challenges are improving my 2d art from the level of being unable to draw a stickman and blender for making 3d models which I'm better at but still way below the standard I need. Is fun to do all that as well as the c++ though.

My awesome opengl project is coming along nicely. I can load a vertex buffer, a shader, and a uniform to change the color. I see a triangle. I feel that's the hard part done, now I just make incremental improvements until I have my game :)

Getting fed up with windows. It seems to get less what i want with every update and i feel like i have no control over how my computer works any more. Going use Linux instead from now on. Not a big change, i already use Linux at work mostly.

Guess I'll need to keep windows dual boot so i can play some windows games and maybe port some of my hobby game projects should i ever finish one :)

My brain this morning has decided to type 'git statue' instead of 'git status' repeatedly. I guess i need to bribe it with coffee to work properly.

Me trying to work on home projects :-
- I'll write this in C++
- Ugh C++ is annoying maybe I'll rewrite in C
- C is good but maybe D would be nicer so I'll rewrite in that
- D is nicer than C++ but not so well supported, better rewrite in C+
- Repeat forever

And so it goes. Years with little to show...

Wondering if anyone knows of any info on 'how to organise your opengl 3d engine to make it easier to port to vulkan one day?'. Just a hobby gamedev and want to work on my game rather than this right now, but I'd like to minimize any future issues by organising it right now

Trying out d language properly for some small opengl experiments. I've played around with it for years but never done much with it and forgot how good it is. Thinking I'll use it a lot more.

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