If you are a student looking to get into the games industry, feel free to ask anything via ✉️@/DM. Stuff like:
🖥️UI programmer career path
⌨️Unreal Engine programming
🌍Working in Japan/Paris/Vancouver
📝Interview tips & CV review
❓Anything else

As a cis white dude and native English speaker I got a bunch of opportunities that others wouldn't have, so I want to pay it forward!

An update to this, I collated the advice I've been giving on how to get into the games industry. tl;dr
📄Tailor your CV for the job.
🌟Put the best stuff first.
👩‍💻Programmers show your code.
🗨Interviews are a two-way process.


An excellent repository for insightful and concise advice tailored for the #gamedev community that can apply to job-seekers in general.

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