At this point @UnrealEngine should just pay the makers of Blueprint Assist and Node Graph Assistant to add their features into the base engine. The UX experience for power users is just night and day over the base Blueprint editor.

Blueprint Assist adds so much it's impossible to do it justice. A hundred shortcuts for navigation by keyboard, jump to symbol, editing, auto-formatting. I can never go back to Blueprints without it.

Node Graph Assistant has a bunch of other amazing quality-of-life features that are so nice to have. Drag nodes near others to have them automatically connect their pins, connect wires by hovering over the entire node not just the pin, duplicate with input

For the unconvinced, some gifs:
Node Graph Assistant's auto-connect-if-near


I should clarify that I was being a grumpy piece of shit when I wrote this and that adding these changes to Unreal is not "just integrate the plugins". The UI team at Epic have a shitload of other stuff to do as well🙇

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