Designing how to arrange the data for a game is an eternal struggle for me. It's trying to balance way too many things:
What does Unreal support out of the box? Ok what can I fix with property specifiers? Oh it can't be a USTRUCT because GetOptions requires UFUNCTION


So every entry in this array needs to be a UObject? OK mark as Instanced. But now there's a dropdown to choose the parent class type, but I only ever want one class, can I hide that?

Ok so now this array has > 10 entries it's awful to manage. So I should make a custom editor property? So I can go back to using structs?

Designer on day 1: this kind of sucks to use, what if we turned the data through 90 degrees so we had a struct of arrays instead of an array of structs
Me: 😭

@_benui Could you not use the property specifier “AllowedClasses” and declare your single class? Then also use PostEdit ChangeProperty to new up that single class when a new element is added or inserted into the array?

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