Still not many people have found the silly 🥚easter egg I put in @IndustriesGame uwu 🥺

"just click the browse button and double-click the asset" I hear you say

but have you seen what it has done to my hands?

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Every time I want to edit an @UnrealEngine BP in a selector like this, I have to click "Show in Content Browser", swap windows, find it on the screen and then double-click it. It would be so nice if there was just a button next to it to open the selected BP...

What's the UX solution to this? Each of these entries are different, but if any of them were wrong or swapped, you would have to click or hover on each.

Show the end?
Show the start and end with ...?
Make the node longer automatically?
Let users stretch the node manually?

I'm looking into defining @UnrealEngine data in a hierarchical way using Instanced and EditInlineNew.

I like defining re-usable classes using BP, overriding part of them in-place, or just making one-offs in-place.

But why are EditDefaultsOnly properties visible on instances? 😭

You know what would rule? Being able to set some sort of colours on property rows in @UnrealEngine

So instead of just a huge mess of horizontal lines, things would be obviously grouped within nested arrays.

Categories don't quite cut it.

TIL the @UnrealEngine keyboard shortcut to jump to the C++ definition for a selected Blueprint node is ALT+G. Or double-clicking on it.

But does anyone know if there's a keyboard shortcut for the "Parent Class:" link in the top-right?

For the unconvinced, some gifs:
Node Graph Assistant's auto-connect-if-near

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On that Advanced page, there's an interactive tool for generating the DECLARE_DELEGATE macro and matching function signatures. Hopefully playing with it will give you an understanding of how the macro changes with different flavours of delegate!

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By default, the text inside Blueprint nodes is right-aligned. @geordiemhall made an engine change to see what it's like when left-aligned.

What do you think? More readable? Worse?

Are you an experienced game designer?
@BYG_Vancouver are looking for a Game Director for our next game!
🎮 Very *designer-y* game idea
💸 Above-average salary & rev share!
🚫 No crunch
🌠 Free Fridays!
🏔 In Vancouver, Canada (+visa sponsor!)
Please RT♥

TIL there are templated alternatives to delegate macros in ? We're not super clear if they're supposed to be used instead of the macros as of 4.26?

Thanks @RyanJon2040 for telling everyone on the Discord about this!

Darn I wish we had the power of HTML/CSS styling in Unreal sometimes.
Except when I spend 30 mins trying to change the style of a checkbox using css. background-color nope, border nope

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Needs way better formatting but it's pretty functional! Missed adding void on the function signature.

... it kind of needs text highlighting on the output too....

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Tutorial now has a tool you can mess around with changing single/dynamic, multicast, parameters, retvalue and see how it changes the delegate declaration and function signature

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People on my Discord seemed to like this so sharing here too:
In Settings > Appearance, tapping "Dark" a bunch of times in the @discord app changes it from dark to an "experimental" AMOLED mode that's v dark🌚

5. Local repo still thinks changes are not committed. Cannot revert local changes because files are locked in mainline.
6. You are now stuck unless someone unlocks the file(s) that you need to revert local changes on.
Quicker to just delete local repo.

See diagram

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👀👀👀👀👀👀 @InsideBBI a trailer with UI in it? be still my beating heart

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