I wish everything was visible through 's Bulk Edit via Property matrix. It's so painful doing it for stuff like collision

Classic C++ static singletons are a huge pain in the butt in .
❌Require care to work in-editor and with with class default objects.
Instead have you considered using 🌠Subsystems✨?
♻Clear lifecycle
🗺Clean Blueprint & Python interface

Getting your head around Delegates in C++ can be kind of tricky😵 One of my mentees asked for help so I wrote two tutorials on them!

The first covers the basics, defining and subscribing to a dynamic multicast delegate.

By default, the text inside Blueprint nodes is right-aligned. @geordiemhall made an engine change to see what it's like when left-aligned.

What do you think? More readable? Worse?

New stuff in is using C++ namespaces and I _hate_ it.

You get to choose between:
🤮 Typing a bunch more gunk to use anything
😭 Adding "using namespace" so any reader has to search and keep state in their head to work out what namespace is being used

I'm looking for moddable games, to see what the experience is like for modders. @SatisfactoryAF and @AutomationGame are on the list, any other top recommendations?

〰✨Curve Tables✨〰
has a bunch of ways of managing game data. Here's yet another one!
💪Define per-level character stats in CSV
💽Import to Curve Table
👨‍🎤Interpolate values

TIL there are templated alternatives to delegate macros in ? We're not super clear if they're supposed to be used instead of the macros as of 4.26?

Thanks @RyanJon2040 for telling everyone on the Discord about this!

Has anyone dealt with supporting binary data for mods? Not just reading in plain text scripts/configs from mods but new models and blueprints.

I read that to let modders do that you have to build a custom version of the engine for them to make that content, right?

To get actor trace collision to work, the primitive component has to be the root component, right? Doesn't that mean you can't set up a relative rotation for the shape within the actor? e.g. capsule rotated 90 deg to root

One day someone is going to find the final undocumented feature🐣 in and we'll all be able to move on.☄️

Today @PartlyAtomic brought us one step closer by discovering Smart Objects

What are your C++ naming conventions for classes in ?
All your classes have a company-specific prefix?
Or a project-specific one?
Or do you have separate prefixes for company-wide shared code and project code?

Those that have made tests for their game, did you put them in a separate module to your main game code?
/cc the OG test wizard @JessBoneBreaker

's Visual Debugger is perfect for debugging anything spatial: collisions, movement, pathfinding
🖼Draw on-screen debug shapes and text
📝Log actor state over time
💨Scrub through saved logs after play
📩Add the logs to bug tickets

I am eternally grateful for everyone posting ridiculously useful info on discord.benui.ca/, not just about UI but other parts of too.

5.1 is coming soon!
The improvement to Named Slots should simplify making modular and reusable UserWidgets, and the ViewModel stuff is really promising👀

I made a plugin to simplify creating @youtrack tickets from
🖥 Click a button or use console cheat to activate in-editor or in-game
⚙ Replace {Text} with version, map seed, anything useful
📂Opens log and screenshot folders for drag & drop

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