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For the unconvinced, some gifs:
Node Graph Assistant's auto-connect-if-near

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Node Graph Assistant has a bunch of other amazing quality-of-life features that are so nice to have. Drag nodes near others to have them automatically connect their pins, connect wires by hovering over the entire node not just the pin, duplicate with input

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Blueprint Assist adds so much it's impossible to do it justice. A hundred shortcuts for navigation by keyboard, jump to symbol, editing, auto-formatting. I can never go back to Blueprints without it.

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At this point @UnrealEngine should just pay the makers of Blueprint Assist and Node Graph Assistant to add their features into the base engine. The UX experience for power users is just night and day over the base Blueprint editor.

Oh ok so Rider does do it just not under ctrl+shift+f, you have to navigate to the variable/function and use alt+shift+f instead

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How do people search both C++ and BPs at the same time? If I want to find everywhere that a particular variable is being set, and it's BlueprintReadWrite, what can I do? Or even an actor that's BlueprintReadOnly and then find all references to it?

Really *Really* detailed page documenting all the features of the Unreal Automation tool
(via @RyanJon2040, thanks!)

On that Advanced page, there's an interactive tool for generating the DECLARE_DELEGATE macro and matching function signatures. Hopefully playing with it will give you an understanding of how the macro changes with different flavours of delegate!

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The second tries to cover everything else about delegates:
Dynamic vs non-dynamic
Single vs multicast
Sparse delegates

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Getting your head around Delegates in C++ can be kind of tricky😵 One of my mentees asked for help so I wrote two tutorials on them!

The first covers the basics, defining and subscribing to a dynamic multicast delegate.

I can't overstate how much I have benefitted from professional relationships with fellow gamedevs. Not just for knowledge but for feeling part of a community.♥️ The people are really what make me happy to be a dev.
Love you all 😭

By default, the text inside Blueprint nodes is right-aligned. @geordiemhall made an engine change to see what it's like when left-aligned.

What do you think? More readable? Worse?

How are there no online tools for making/editing base16 color themes?

Are any of you going to ? @BYG_Vancouver has a shiny new booth showing off Rift of the Necrodancer. Say hi from me :D

New stuff in is using C++ namespaces and I _hate_ it.

You get to choose between:
🤮 Typing a bunch more gunk to use anything
😭 Adding "using namespace" so any reader has to search and keep state in their head to work out what namespace is being used

This is for the mystery ??? game that I'm part of, I would love to work with you :D

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Are you an experienced game designer?
@BYG_Vancouver are looking for a Game Director for our next game!
🎮 Very *designer-y* game idea
💸 Above-average salary & rev share!
🚫 No crunch
🌠 Free Fridays!
🏔 In Vancouver, Canada (+visa sponsor!)
Please RT♥

I'm looking for moddable games, to see what the experience is like for modders. @SatisfactoryAF and @AutomationGame are on the list, any other top recommendations?

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what they think is cyberpunk: owning/driving a tesla

what IS cyberpunk: hacking someone’s tesla from your friend’s off network 85 civic hatchback drift racer plastered in anime decals

(companies forget that subverting the corps is a foundational component of the genre)

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