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Sven Bergström

Celeste came out today! It's a super tight platformer with a heart and an assist mode. It's out on PS4/Switch/Steam and tomorrow Xbox One.


I wrote over 4000 words about the game design of Golf Story from a mechanical consistency perspective!

You can read about it here. You don't have to have played, and no real spoilers.

I enjoy working in c++ in a portable codebase. Sometimes I'll spend a long time fighting with the language and compiler to achieve an elegant user facing API...

When I succeed I'm struck with the realization it's likely not portable/adds complexity, so I delete it (victoriously)

"A little bit of floating point in a memory allocator" by Jonathan Adamczewski (twoscomplement)

Talks about TLSF (Two Level Segregated Fit) memory allocators, using float tricks to implement. neat!

part 1:
part 2:

I'm looking for a full-time job. 10+ years work experience in graphics, pathtracing (CPU/GPU), light baking, C++.. Would love something with a slant of R&D. Preferably locally in Gothenburg, but always open to interesting suggestions. DM or LinkedIn ( Since this is my first post here this might also serve as my introduction :)

Re: @aras’s toot about Bitsquid / Stingray being EOLd.
The bitsquid blog is an invaluable, clearly written and extensive blog about that engine and was vital for me while learning about 3D engine design. I hope the team will be fine and wish all of them the best.

Hey, I just realized I could post here about a job opening we have in Stockholm. We're looking for a tech artist to do visual tech demos of Frostbite and to learn with us to then teach other artists how to best use the engine.

The last person we had in this role did this awesome scene we use every day, but we need more!

If you're interested or know someone that might be, please get in touch! 😊

I expect it to wait until the commands using it are done, but that was several hundred frames ago..

argh, why would GL be hanging onto buffer data indefinitely... Tried deleting and replace (with or without orphan nullptr trick), but it still just keeps climbing...

Unloading a rust dylib that touches TLS (like println does) causes a segfault on exit on macos. The thread local at exit handlers aren't called at dlclose, but at exit, so dylib is long gone and explodes. Good to know!

Bound several languages to engine, exposed functions from plugin languages to engine language, added http server + better client for REST, ported base code to new platform. so much going on this week 🕜

Been two of those days... where I think something will take a long time, try do a small incremental part, and instead get a whole lot of it done (or completed) \o/

phew, after many small issues, this ui clipping is functioning as intended, including with custom control rendering

You can see it in action (debug vis) here

phew, after many small issues, this ui clipping is functioning as intended, including with custom control rendering

You can see it in action (debug vis) here

Hey everyone! I'm new to mastodon. It looks a lot like twitter. I was expecting something more like IRC. Anyways, 16 years pro in games, but I'm a self taught hobbyist. Currently working at Blizzard on diablo, previously on SC2/Heroes. I keep a technical blog on a lot of subjects, mostly about graphics, math, audio. Often includes simple C++ that generated data/images/etc that go with the post.