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#luxeengine dev log # 8 is up


See the luxe editor in action, 2018 goals vs outcomes, a c#/c++/wren test, some web samples and much more.

p.s show luxe to your friends.

p.p.s join the luxe discord for live dev news discord.gg/5Q8rGZ7


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fly around various extracted geometry from big games from various time frames.

here's height field data from breath of the wild and collision geometry from dark souls one for example.

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You! Know that excellent "graphics programming weekly" that Jendrik Illner does every week (jendrikillner.com/tags/weekly/)? He has a Patreon for it, go throw money at it now! patreon.com/jendrikillner

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Job opportunity: we're looking for an experienced Unity programmer to work with a cool team on a cool project: blog.draknek.org/post/18278623
Please share with anyone you think would be a good fit!

been implementing stable cascaded shadow maps in luxeengine.com for fun but didn't like all the literature on the topic, so i've been making tasty visualizations to write about instead. See it in motion here for best results:


(upload limits)

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Rust [2015] (stable) is now Rust 2018 (stabilising some features; small number of breaking changes preparing for the coming years of updates). blog.rust-lang.org/2018/12/06/ hacks.mozilla.org/2018/12/rust
It's a great time to have a look at and maybe try some of those Advent of Code problems (an ideal project for building lib & tooling familiarity). adventofcode.com/2018

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Physically Based Rendering: From Theory to Implementation is online, with plans for annual updates supported by patreon.com/pbrbook/

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Hey, so I gave a talk at Queerness and Games Conf this weekend on making your own programming language, and it's up on the #QGCon Twitch page!

The talk went over the power dynamics of making your own language, why small-scale languages can be useful in game dev, and there's a demo of making a simple language interpreter (embedded in a JavaScript game).

You can see the slides and the code from the demo here: mcclure.github.io/qgcon-2018/

You can watch the talk here:

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Hello! I'm Jonathan. I've shipped games on mobile, PC and console wearing lots of different hats, though "tech artist-illustrator" best approximates my current skillset.

I'm all about and , and look forward to sharing my progress. I'll play a bit of everything, but I love games that tug on my heartstrings.

If anyone is going to siggraph and wants to meet feel free to ping me on here or email or twitter. I'll be in the vicinity.

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RenderDoc v1.1 is now out! This release focusses on improved API and OS support, as well as a boatload of bug fixes.


Celeste at GamesDoneQuick (SGDQ) vod links!

Don't miss these, they're incredible.


Celeste Any% race TGH + yoshipro (~36m)

Celeste dev+runner interview (~13m)

Celeste TASBOT Any% (~28m) + all C Sides (~5m)

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had a few minutes and was curious what it takes to wire up dear imgui properly in my engine (luxeengine), really not much! not using it for anything right now (I have my own UI) but it'll be a nice to have

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