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#luxeengine dev log # 8 is up


See the luxe editor in action, 2018 goals vs outcomes, a c#/c++/wren test, some web samples and much more.

p.s show luxe to your friends.

p.p.s join the luxe discord for live dev news discord.gg/5Q8rGZ7


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fly around various extracted geometry from big games from various time frames.

here's height field data from breath of the wild and collision geometry from dark souls one for example.

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You! Know that excellent "graphics programming weekly" that Jendrik Illner does every week (jendrikillner.com/tags/weekly/)? He has a Patreon for it, go throw money at it now! patreon.com/jendrikillner

@sinbad btw many permissive licenses like this one aren't applicable to most companies if you want people using it. similar how public domain isn't a recognized concept many places either and you need to dual license if you want it in use

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Job opportunity: we're looking for an experienced Unity programmer to work with a cool team on a cool project: blog.draknek.org/post/18278623
Please share with anyone you think would be a good fit!

been implementing stable cascaded shadow maps in luxeengine.com for fun but didn't like all the literature on the topic, so i've been making tasty visualizations to write about instead. See it in motion here for best results:


(upload limits)

@ajweeks nice post :)

re language with good reflection, it kinda misses out on a lot of languages out there... I read it intended as "against c++" but the way it's written makes it seem a tad awkward and doesn't convey that well. I bet a horde of people would point to rust, c#, D etc etc.

@cybik so, lot of common slow downs: calling a lot of functions (driver overhead), using slow apis (glGetInteger querying state stuff), stalls via implicit flush and other data dependencies, and then higher level: doing too much work for your gpu, overdraw is a big factor and has little to do with GL level, render code might be at fault etc.

don't assume and don't guess. measure first!

@cybik if the engine runs on ES+iOS try running through xcode and capture a gpu frame. It has a frame analyzer that can tell you expensive things you're doing wrong. apitrace/renderdoc can also give you invalid states and slow down hints. Then there's 'implicit flushing'. certain actions require waiting for the GPU to do the work, but the commands sent are async, not done immediately. If a cpu operation waits on gpu data sequentially, you have an async pipe that will stall, other work is blocked

@cybik as with any performance problem start by measuring, find the bottlenecks, and start with the biggest. don't assume, don't guess. renderdoc.org / apitrace. typical first step is reduce driver overhead, by reducing # of calls to the driver. batching draw calls, but also simple state tracking. don't glBlendMode if the last time you set it was the same. Don't use glGet* to find those values (slow). do less = less time spent, applies from GL all the way up to game code.

@shivoa agreed. I found with experience the two phase simply start to overlap more and more, pushing the time down

@ScreennameTaken ah, yea I don't know if those docs are even the ones but I knew the github had some notes on the wiki and maybe in the code!

@danil if you mean on getting it working, sort of the opposite to me :) if artists can just make their assets and the gpu just render them there's a lot less complexity involved in content!

@korruptor @sinbad agree on all that btw. worth noting that every release of rust cleans up the syntax further. I've also used haxe extensively if you have questions, feel free.

I've been using it for a compiler thing and frequent releases mean I delete a bunch of cruft, except, "Furthermore, when you do choose to migrate Rust 2015 code to Rust 2018, the changes can be made automatically, via cargo fix" which is large % of the time for my regular code.

see for instance blog.rust-lang.org/2018/12/06/

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Rust [2015] (stable) is now Rust 2018 (stabilising some features; small number of breaking changes preparing for the coming years of updates). blog.rust-lang.org/2018/12/06/ hacks.mozilla.org/2018/12/rust
It's a great time to have a look at and maybe try some of those Advent of Code problems (an ideal project for building lib & tooling familiarity). adventofcode.com/2018

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