the cool thing about making your own game engine is you're not at the mercy of corporations that are only here to extract profit from you. instead, you're only at the mercy of your own inability to make a game engine

@aeva True. But the same applies when you are using an open source engine. And it has the additional advantage that you don't have to do all the work by yourself and can spend more of your time on actual game development instead.
That is of course, unless you are just having fun making your own game engine. That is certainly its own reward.

@zinnschlag oh yeah i forgot about open source. how are those guys doing

@aeva Extremely well. for example (that is what I am using) is going from strength to strength.

@aeva Very good. Compact. Clean design. Great editor. Nice pythonic scripting language, but has also support for C#, C++ and a couple of other language bindings.
Godot 3 is great for 2D and pretty good for 3D as long as you don't aim for AAA visual quality. Godot 4 (currently in alpha) seems to be more or less catching up with Unity and UE4 for 3D.

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