[THREAD] Videos from Brussels 2019

Thanks to @czlowiekimadlo we could stream GodotCon talks, and user Rayos sent me edited versions for each of them, which I'm now uploading with a detailed outline. I'll post links whenever they're online, and the playlist eventually.

First talk on Feb 4 was from Paweł Fertyk of Miskatonic Studio, talking about his experience with 3D features of Godot while developing his first game, (which you can play on Steam:

The next talk was a great demo by @PawelMogila on how to use a shader to compute particle collisions on the GPU.
We sadly had a problem with the stream at that time, so this one is a phone recording.

We then had a presentation by Aleksandar Gavrilović explaining why his studio Gamechuck decided to move from GM:S 1.4 to Godot, the tests they made to validate their decision and some of the concerns it raises.

Our lead developer Juan Linietsky @reduz then did the extended version of his @fosdem talk about making a high quality 3D game with tools ( ), showing how Godot's new TPS demo was made.

Jānis Mancēvičs from @rocknight_studios showed us the Visual Debugger plugin that he's been working on recently, which lets you debug and design your games directly with an in-game debugger overlay.

Finally, we ended the first day with Bojidar Marinov @bojidar_bg's demo on how to extract reusable components from your scenes to improve flexibility and maintainability.

@akien @bojidar_bg Some of the videos seems to be unlisted, or at least not available :) So you know! Thanks for uploading!

@krumbukt Indeed, seems like I mis-pasted a couple links. I've added comments with the correct links, thanks for the notice :)

@akien @reduz @fosdem

Looks great! #GodotEngine has really come a long way. The triplanar textured, geometry based modelling part of the video was especially useful.

@reduz@mastodon.gamedev.pla mentions that there's no #FOSS alternative to #SubstancePainter though. Is he aware of #ArmorPaint? Binaries are not gratis, but the project and code is #FOSS / #libre.

@Blort @reduz He's aware of ArmorPaint, but AFAIK he's not convinced that it will ever be a professionally relevant alternative to Substance Painter. He mostly advocates for such features to become part of Blender itself, and the Blender devs seem to agree.

I can't judge about ArmorPaint myself, I never tried it.

@akien @reduz @fosdem

Any idea of what kind of hardware (especially graphics card) this was presented on? I'm curious given how Juan was saying that you didn't really need to worry about how much geometry you use on modern graphics cards. O.O

I mean, the demo looks gorgeous. I'm just wondering about the kind of hardware it needs to run decently.

Once it's finalized, I'd love to see it included in Phoronix Test Suite...

#GodotEngine #PhoronixTestSuite #PTS #Gamedev

@Blort That was on an Nvidia GTX 1060 I think, so relatively high end.

But Juan's point was only about geometry itself, not about all the fancy rendering features that can then be applied and make the performance tank down.

@akien @Blort
I actually jumped a bit also hearing that at the conference ...
my experience is that it still count to a certain extend, and that having culling techniques as well as coherent polycount / mesh topology together with geometry atlas and normal mapped details is still the mix to have good framerate on the +many system possible.
and f.ex. this demo is rendering at max 30fps on a 1060 (wo effects) in #VR probably because of polycount (some "BSP" culling could help probably...)

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