Here's a newly released game I have been eagerly waiting for: !

A beautiful geopolitical strategy game for 1 or 2 players taking you back to the Cold War (if it ever ended).

Will share thoughts once I've played.

I put a few hours in the game today, and I really enjoy it. It's harsh and unforgiving, but eventually you understand that you can't poker face your way out of all confrontations, and need to make compromises. Lose influence but avoid nuclear war; then strike back where it hurts.

I lost almost 10 games, some pretty fast, before I finally managed to get a victory by letting political unrest consume my enemy -- right before that of my own faction would soon have me thrown down.

Only played the AI so far, but I like that it tries to adapt to my gameplay.

I'll soon try actual PVP, as I think the tension of pressing or not pressing the red button will be a lot stronger against a real player who has everything to lose (draw) than against an AI that just terminates my game by throwing a dice :)

@akien WTF happened to Belgium? We've been invaded and annexed by a fascist regime??

@yac Hehe yeah, you can interact with all countries on the map so they chose to remove/include some in others to simplify the map somewhat.

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