To folks from Copenhagen with interest in tools:

Some of us and users are meeting for a drink on Tuesday 25 June at 18:00 at Bip Bip Bar ( ) on Fælledvej (Nørrebro).

You're welcome to join, just notify me :)

Everyone is welcome as long as you have interest in both and (professionally or as a hobby).

It's a first meetup to get to know each other, we'll see there if we want to set up a proper FOSS Gamedev Copenhagen user group.

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@akien Argh, so close, yet so far away. I'd love to participate if I lived in/around Copenhagen. Alas, I live 2 hours away.

@zatnosk Yeah 2 hours transportation for a drink would be a bit overkill :)

If we decide to organize a proper FOSS Gamedev user group, we might organize bigger events (e.g. a day of workshop / talks / demos or something on a Saturday) which might be worth the trip :)


Would like to, but simply too far away.

Still, have a good time and don't forget to publish a report for all who couldn't participate!

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