Oops, I spilled some very black coffee on the floor.. Not fully awake yet.

3.0 and models. Screenshots shamelessly taken from @fracteed@birdsite, check out his work!

OMG Godot 3 looks so crazy for a Open Source free engine

@willnationsdev Definitely going to have to take a look at Godot for some 3D stuff now that I know some people who have mad code skillz! ;)

Also means getting re-acquainted with Blender, which shouldn't be too hard.

@NuType You talkin' 'bout Clint and me? lol I still got a LONG way to go before I have "mad coding skillz". The people who do the fancy shaders and the graphics and the audio, and the whole crazy GDNative thing altogether. The people who make that stuff (karroffel for GDNative) are crazy amazing and I'm not anywhere close to that level.

Just a meager tools developer who uses the engine-level code and makes slight adjustments to it for my own benefit.

You're to humble boy lol. I think even where you're at you're pretty solid.

@NuType I'll consider myself more solid once I actually have products I've created and maintain that other people reliably use for their game development. ;-)

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