Rémi Verschelde

Looks like I might have the opportunity to work full time on in the near future! godotengine.org/article/next-p

As an energy engineer it's a bit of a career change (albeit easily reversible, lots of similarities), but well, a $dayjob in and in such a great project doesn't come around every day :)

@aras Thanks! To properly honour my "release manager" title, I guess I'll have to read your blog posts again and start applying some of your findings to Godot's buildsystem :D

@akien congrats! well earned, hope it comes to fruition

@akien Congrats, that's really exciting! A day job in FOSS sounds fantastic 😄

@sander Definitely, it's something I wouldn't have dreamt of 6 months ago... But the huge success of Godot's Patreon is opening new doors :)

@akien Congrats pal! That's diserved, considering the amount of work you put in Godot :)

Congratulations! Thank you for you big effort and your amazing contributions to

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