If anyone is part of a general queer-friendly instance they particularly like, I'm open to recommendations 😊

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I really enjoy following people's thoughts on here, but I'm always very conscious about what I post or boost on social media, especially when it links back to both my real name and my job. So I end up talking only about gamedev stuff and not engaging with anyone else. I'm considering making an alt where I feel more able to talk to people, but I'm still talking myself into it.

I wrote an article about the history of the HTTP status code and what I think it tells us about designing specifications and APIs:


If you liked my @365-rfcs project, this is a direct outgrowth of that work.

Trying out procedural volume textures to get seamless texturing across a terrain. Landed directly in the early nineties.

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Reinstalling Windows 10 on a family PC for the last 5+ hours, makes me wonder what it can possibly be doing for so long...

free software politics 

I guess I'm still thinking about this so I'll talk about it: significant free software projects that could (and did, and do!) actively improve people's lives are routinely shut down by large corporations and while there are genuine problems with the priorities and attitudes of the free software community it's really disingenuous to blame those failures on those issues

@Ben I think it's only ES due to hardware limitations, but don't quote me on that 😛

I think it's no coincidence that someone like me, who has worked with computers for over a decade, prefers to own a dumb TV, a blender with mechanical knobs instead of a touchscreen, no "smart home" stuff, etc. I know how computers work, and for that reason I am terrified of them

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@silverweed Hopefully 🙂 The GTK bindings seen to make it difficult though

After much frustration with wrapping everything in Rc and RefCell I did manage to get something kind of working

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Finally spending some more time messing around with and . No prizes for guessing what it does 😛

@djsundog well at least it's good to know that the PinePhone hardware is capable of running something that smoothly 😛

@djsundog ah well, it's just me being too lazy to set up all my accounts every time 😛

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